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What is Singo?

Singo is a new and exciting musical spin on the traditional game of Bingo. Instead of listening for a number, players are listening to their favorite music.

How it Works

Each player receives a free Singo card printed with the titles of popular songs. While Singo randomly plays song clips of "the good parts", players can sing along and mark matching song titles on their cards.

View our system tutorial for more detail!

How do you win?

The first player to mark five songs in a row and to shout "Singo" wins the round!

Singo automatically verifies the winner before moving on to double-bingo and blackout rounds.

Interested in more details?
Check out our system tutorial!

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Take a look at what the Singo platform offers for you and your business

Simple, Flexible

Sign-up today, start playing tonight. Singo and the underlying platform are extremely easy to learn, and provides tools to customize your Singo experience as much as you'd like. Choose different winning patterns, customize and print your Singo cards, all using fully licensed music (including ASCAP!)


Compared to other entertainment options in the marketplace, Singo is the most affordable. You can get started with no upfront costs using our Pay Per Show pricing. When you're ready to commit to a weekly show, upgrade to a monthly Venue subscription and enjoy a discount of 50%.

Longer Visits

The typical Singo night engages customers for up to three hours. This means more drinks, more food, and a lot more fun. Once you get them in the door, people stay to play.

High Energy Customer Loyalty

Singo engages everyone in your venue. Everyone can play along, everyone can sing along, and anyone can win. You'll find your regulars returning more often and bringing with them their friends, so they can enjoy the game of Singo together. People enjoy the friendly competition, they love the music, and they love to win prizes.

Fully Featured

Singo has a robust feature set to fit your use case

Runs on phones AND tablets

Singo runs on most Android (6.0+) and iOS (13.0+) devices (desktop coming soon!), and is entirely self-contained. You can run your entire event off of a cell phone, tablet, or anything in between!


While an entertaining host always adds to the fun, Singo was built to run with very little interaction to operate the game. Only a few button presses are required to execute a thrilling show.

Your personal DJ: built-in

Our DJs isolate "the good part" of songs so that you get the perfect cuepoint every time! Most clips clearly feature the song title in the clip -- Singo is not music trivia.

Automatic Verification

Your Singo cards have built-in QR code based verification -- no more manually checking for winners, just scan the card for instant feedback and continue with the show.

Print and Customize Singo Cards

You can select from multiple card layouts, and add your own logo and "ads" to feature Happy Hours, future events, food and drink specials, etc.


The outcome of every game is stored for your review. See exactly what playlist was used, when and where a game was played, and how many winners there were.

Invite Hosts

You can add as many users to your account as you'd like, perfect for your Mobile DJ organization with multiple hosts or Venue with rotating staff. Configure access to some or all of your venues.

Singo grows with you

Whether you're a mobile DJ just starting out, or a seasoned restaurateur with multiple locations, our platform grows with you! Add and manage any number of locations all under one account.

Singo grows with your business

Choose Pay-Per-Show and get started for no upfront cost

Pay Per Show


Pay as you go, upgrade at any time

  • Singo mobile application (Android/iOS)

  • No startup fee

  • Buy shows at $55/each

  • Print Singo cards with limited customization



$150 /mo

Everything you need, with room to grow

  • Singo mobile application (Android/iOS)

  • Includes up to 6 shows per month

  • Need more? Buy more shows at $25/each

  • Print Singo cards with full customization


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question not on the list?
Reach out to help@playsingo.com

I'd like to talk to a human about Singo -- got any?

Our company is made up of multiple humans! If you prefer email, contact us at help@playsingo.com. If you prefer a phone call, give David a call at 865-300-8587

Can I test the system before I make a purchase?

Absolutely! We provide a 'Classic Bingo' playlist that anyone can use to play traditional Bingo free of charge.

What constitutes a show? Can I play multiple games in a single night?

A Singo show refers one or more games of Singo at a specific establishment on a specific day. Once you start a show you are able to play as many games that day as you'd like without spending another credit.

What devices can I run the app on?
Currently we support any device running Android 6.0+ or iOS 13.0+. Singo runs great on any compatible device, including phones, but we recommend using a mid-size tablet.
What if I don't have a supported device?
We have a list of recommended retailers / devices, please visit linktr.ee/playsingo to view.
How are cards issued? What is customizable?

Cards are generated on our website on-demand in PDF form for direct printing. Each card features a QR code for automatic winner verification, as well as customizable imagery.

With our free offering you can customize ad-space for displaying specials, upcoming events, etc. If you are operating with a venue subscription you are also able to include a venue logo.

Can I charge for Singo cards?
Singo was built to be free to play. While we do not officially support charging for cards, if you would like to, please verify legality with your local jurisdiction.

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